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Three bottles of Pawsitively Clean carpet pet cleaning formulas

Can cleaning formulas other than Pawsitively Clean be used in the Pawsitively Clean carpet cleaner rental?


We do not recommend using any other formulas, besides Pawsitively Clean or BISSELL, in the Pawsitively Clean rental carpet cleaning machine.

Which Pawsitively Clean formulas are for use in the machine to deep clean carpet? Which formulas are spot cleaners?


Pawsitively Clean offers the Full Size Machine formula for use in the rental deep cleaning machine. Pawsitively Clean also offers spot and stain removers to help attack spots and stains as they appear. See our full line of Pawsitively Clean carpet cleaning machine formulas, for use in the rental cleaning machine, here. We have spot and stain removers in a different list here.

Is the full-size machine carpet cleaning formula safe for septic systems?


Yes, once the formula has been mixed with water and used in your Pawsitively Clean carpet cleaning rental machine, it is safe to enter your septic system.

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