About Us

Pawsitively Clean® is a BISSELL brand, designed especially for pet lovers and found in pet specialty stores. Pawsitively Clean® is a growing part of the company where we let our hair down and the fur fly. We combine a little pet “attitude” with a lot of cleaning history to bring you a solution to all the uh-ohs and yucks your furry loved one creates. It is our pet “attitude” and innovative spirit that led us to the development of the Pawsitively Clean® rental deep cleaning machine!

The rental program from Pawsitively Clean® features the powerful rental deep cleaning machine for overall carpet cleaning, Full Size Machine Formula, as well as a nine-foot hose and the exclusive yuck! eraser™ hand tool to tackle tough pet spots and stains. Our engineers and chemists have worked hand-in-hand to create a cleaning system that outcleans the leading rental carpet cleaner. We are constantly putting our products to the test in real life situations and making sure we are offering our consumers a superior cleaning experience.