Pawsitively Clean Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool

BISSELL Pawsitively Clean Upholstery & Stair Cleaning Tool attachment hose and head allows you to clean furniture and stairs with ease.

Get Professional Cleaning Results on Furniture and Stairs

 Is your dog’s bed really the left couch cushion? Does your cat like to hang out on one of the stairs to survey its domain? Can you see your pet’s favorite spot even after they’ve moved? Pawsitively Clean® by BISSELL® can help! When you rent a carpet cleaner, did you know it can also be a rental upholstery cleaner? Our Upholstery and Stair Cleaner Tool is available to help you shampoo your couch, upholstered furniture, and stairs easily. This tool features a 9’ hose and a 6” wide attachment head compatible with all Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL carpet cleaning machines and is designed to help you remove stains, odors, and dirt from upholstery and carpet.

Upholstery and Stair Tool Pricing

$5.00 for 24- or 48-hour period*

*Price may vary by market or location

Upholstery and Stair Cleaning Tool Rental Benefits:

  • Target extra-tough spots and stains for extra cleaning.
  • Easily clean upholstered chairs, couches, sofas, and more!
  • Extra-long hose length reaches up the stairs.
  • Get a deep clean in heard to reach places where a carpet cleaner rental may not fit.

The Upholstery and Stair Cleaning Tool comes in a Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL bag to take home along with your rental carpet cleaner. Clean carpeted stairs easily with a 9’ long attachment hose – without having to drag the carpet shampooer up the stairs with you. Our Upholstery and Stair Cleaning Tool’s 6” width makes deep cleaning a breeze because you don’t have to go back and forth as many times as you would with a smaller attachment head. Do you need to find a carpet cleaner rental machine near you? Visit our location finder now.

Follow these easy steps to use the Upholstery and Stair Cleaning Tool with your carpet shampooer rental:

  • Make sure the machine is turned off and unplugged. Add clean, hot tap water to the clean water tank up to the fill line. Be sure not to boil or microwave the water. Next measure your Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL formula using the clean water tank’s cap. Fill the cap to the line twice for each full tank of water. Always use genuine Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL machine formulas to maximize cleaning and for the safety of your rental machine. Lastly, screw the cap securely onto clean water tank and place tank onto base of the machine.
  • Attach the small solution hose to the hose connection point on the steam cleaner rental next to the flow indicator. Insert the hose and turn clockwise until locked into place. Doing this step first makes it easier to attach the main hose.
  • Open the hose latch on the front of the unit and insert hose into place. Turn clockwise until locked into place.
  • Attach the carpet and upholstery cleaning tool head to the end of the hose.
  • Clean by pressing the red trigger to spray solution onto the area to be cleaned. Slowly move the tool back and forth over the soiled surface. Release the trigger to suction soiled water. Continue to clean in the area, working in small sections and until no more dirt can be removed. Caution: do not overwet.
  • Remove and rinse the Upholstery & Stair Cleaning tool in clean running water. Let dry completely..
  • Empty dirty and clean water tanks. Rinse and place them back on the carpet cleaner rental machine. Clean bottom of machine and return to store.

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