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pet hair vacuum

Removes dirt and pet hair in one easy step

 Pet hair gets everywhere in your home, sometimes you even find it in your dinner! You’ll be amazed at how much pet hair you can collect with the zoinks® pet vacuum. It features strong suction and a pet hair lifter and rotating brush to remove dirt, pet dander and pet hair in one easy step. Say “zoinks” to pet hair.

zoinks® pet vacuum:

  • Has a Pet TurboEraser™ Tool for stairs and upholstery
  • Includes yowza!® vacuum attachment for grooming your pet
  • Features 12 amps of power and Exclusive Helix System
  • Has an automatic cord rewind for fast and easy cord storage with just the push of a button

Start vacuuming pet hair the easy way. Find out where you can purchase a zoinks® pet vacuum today.

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