How to Clean Up Cat Vomit and Hairball Stains from Carpet

Posted on 3/26/2020 by BISSELL
Categories: Cleaning Pet Messes
Got Hair Ball Stains? BISSELL Pawsitively Clean recommends these four steps for cleaning up hair balls.

Let’s face it. Most cats have hairballs at some point – probably more often for long hair cats and compulsive groomers. It’s not a pleasant experience for either of you. Especially if there ends up being cat vomit on carpet. Need to know how to clean cat vomit from carpet? Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL recommends these four steps for cleaning up cat vomit.

How to Get Cat Vomit Out and Hairball Stains out of Carpet:

Blot Liquids

Blot liquid messes with an absorbent white cloth or paper towels. Don’t press down hard on the area when cleaning cat vomit because it can push the liquid further down into the carpeting and pad.

Pick Up Solids

Next, clean up cat hairball solids with a spatula, spoon, or create a scraper by cutting a paper plate in half and use the two straight edges to scoop underneath the mess. Using paper towel to grab the mess can push the solids further into the carpeting.

Apply Stain Remover

After the solid mess is removed, apply Pro Stain & Odor Eliminator to the stained and surrounding area. Spray in circular pattern, completely covering the cat puke stain and surrounding area. Allow cleaner to work for 5-10 minutes. The oxygen-active system will attack the color bodies which stain fibers and penetrate deep below carpet fibers.

Apply Formula to the Cat Vomit Stain

Using a cloth or towel, gently work the formula into the stained area using light strokes from the edges of the stain to the center. When your cloth reaches the center of the vomit stain, lightly pinch the area in an upward motion to lift the stain out. Do not scrub the stain. Not sure what we mean? Watch this video about how to clean cat vomit out of carpet.

Rent the BISSELL Carpet Cleaner

To be sure that the vomit is out of the carpet, rent a Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL carpet cleaner. You can find our carpet cleaner rental at your local pet specialty store. Not sure how to use a BISSELL carpet deep cleaner? We have step-by-step instructions with photos right here. That’s our recommendation for how to clean vomit from carpet.

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