4 Reasons You Should Deep Clean Before Moving

Posted on 12/15/2016 by BISSELL
Categories: Cleaning Large Areas
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Moving into a new home or apartment is exciting. Don’t let the disappointment of dirty carpets ruin your move-in day.
In fact, deep cleaning with high-quality equipment and cleaning formula can pay off in terms of peace of mind and a longer-lasting carpet. So, if you’re scheduled to move in soon, don’t forget to schedule an afternoon to give your carpets the fresh, clean appearance you and your family deserve.
Here are four reasons to put carpet cleaning near the top of your to-do list:
1. Make Your New Place Feel Like Home
There’s a reason the saying “Home, Sweet Home” is so well known. When you find a place to live that fits your needs, expresses your personality, and makes you feel comfortable, it becomes the center of your life. Even after the novelty wears off, we want to know our new home will give us a sense of security and familiarity. So, follow your instinct—and give your new “nest” a thorough cleaning as you organize, decorate, and make it your own.
2. Clean Up What the Previous Owner Missed
Bottom line? The only thing worse than a filthy carpet…is someone else’s filthy carpet. So, don’t let the weeks fly by without taking steps to remove left-behind stains, odors, and allergens from the carpets of your new home or apartment. It all starts with the rental of a Pawsitively Clean® Carpet Cleaning Machine.
3. Deal with Unwelcome “Surprises”
Maybe it’s a stain that was hidden by a couch. Perhaps a stubborn pet odor that reoccurs and worsens in humid weather. Whatever the case, you may encounter an unwelcome surprise or two after you’ve moved in.
For example, if a liquid was recently spilled on your floor, it may have penetrated down to the subfloor, where it can spread over a wider area. Even if it was quickly blotted up at the surface, the spill can still seep back through the carpet backing and padding and reappear—even weeks later. By deep cleaning down to the pad, you may be able to avoid unwelcome surprises later.
4. Help Your Carpet Last Longer
Research indicates that deep cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is a simple way to preserve its appearance, refresh its fibers, and help it last longer. Giving your carpets a professional-quality deep cleaning soon after moving in may help ensure a cleaner, stronger carpet for years to come.
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