What Type of Cleaner to Use?

Posted on 12/15/2016 by BISSELL
Categories: Cleaning Pet Messes
  • So many cleaners for so many stains. Let BISSELL Pawsitively Clean help you decide which type of cleaner is best for your tough pet stains
  • Enzyme-Action Formulas
    • Work best on organic stains & odors, especially messes like urine that can seep down into carpet padding
    • Enzyme-action breaks down or digests the stain & odor-causing molecules
    • With the right conditions, can stay active until molecules are gone
    • When using be sure to saturate the stain and surrounding areas
  • Oxygen-Action Formulas
    • Remove colored stains and odors and work best on messes like vomit
    • Activated upon contact with stain
    • Reaction alters the color residue and helps neutralize the odor-causing particles
    • Continue to work for several hours so if there is still a visible stain left, give it some time and check back before repeating
Chart showing columns for stain type and corresponding carpet cleaning prodcut
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