How to Clean Pandemic Puppy Accidents on Carpet

Posted on 10/6/2020
Categories: Cleaning Pet Messes
Many people adopted a pandemic puppy into their home this year. Even some not-so-young puppies and dogs have made their way into homes and hearts across the country and we are here for it! Pets are great companions, a reason to get out for a walk, and are probably the best office buddies you could ask for.
Now that we are months into our new routines, many of which include staying at home, and you’ve done all the hard work of potty training, it may make sense to think about cleaning up those puppy accidents around the house. After all, having a puppy can be rough on carpets. So, what is the best way to clean pet stains and puppy messes? Rent a Pawsitively Clean by BISSELL® carpet cleaner! We recommend cleaning your carpet every six months to maintain your carpet and keep it looking good.

Cleaning Up Pet Stains from a Pandemic Puppy

It’s a good thing those puppies are cute because accidents seem to follow them around. From teeth marks in furniture to a few piles of poop inside, puppies can be a challenge to those who enjoy a clean and tidy home. Don’t worry, we have advice on how to treat different stains:
  • Any time you have a solid mess like feces or vomit, scoop or scrape as much off the top as possible with a paper plate before applying carpet cleaner spray.
  • When blotting up stains, don’t press down too hard. We don’t want to push the mess further into carpet fibers.
  • When spraying cleaner around wet stains, spray a wider area than the stain itself. When spots hit the carpet backing, they can spread and be bigger than your eye can see.

How to clean puppy pee and dog urine from carpet

As soon as you realize there have been puppy accidents, clean up the mess. Pee stains that are still wet are easier to clean than dried ones. If the area is still wet, blot with a paper towel or white towel, without pressing down hard on the stain.

Next, spray the urine stain and surrounding area with a spray cleaner. An enzyme action cleaner, like Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator, works best for organic stains like urine. Enzyme cleaners should be sprayed onto the stain and the surrounding area, enough to saturate the carpet.
  • If the stain is fresh, wait 5 minutes then blot with a color-safe cloth before letting it air dry.
  • If the stain is older or dry, cover the sprayed mess with a damp, color-safe cloth so that the area stays moist for 24 hours. This keeps the enzymes active and fighting the stain.

How to clean up pet vomit

We probably don’t have to say this, but cleaning up pet vomit as soon as you see it is also best practice for keeping your carpets stain-free.
After removing any solid mess and gently blotting excess liquid, we recommend spot cleaning with an oxygen action spray cleaner like Pro Stain & Odor. These types of cleaners work best on colored stains. Saturate the carpet when you spray the stain and then wait for five minutes. If the stain is still visible, re-apply.

How to clean muddy paw prints

Muddy paw prints are the bane of our existence in the spring and fall, right? And probably winter too, depending on where you live. Luckily, with an oxygen action cleaner, like Pro Stain & Odor Eliminator, it’s easy to remove mud stains from carpet.
For muddy paw prints, the first step is to let the mud dry completely and then vacuum it up. Go over the area in several directions to get as much dried mud as possible. Once loose debris is gone, spray Pro Stain & Odor Eliminator on the carpet where the mud stain is and gently work the solution into the stain with a white cloth using light strokes from the edges of the stain to the center, without pressing down into the carpet. When you reach the center of the stain, lightly pinch in an upward motion. Wait five minutes and the stains should be gone! If you still see some color, spray the entire area again and let the cleaner work on the stain by itself. Then the color will be gone!

Best Carpet Cleaners to Keep on Hand with a New Pet

TL;dr: what do you REALLY need to keep on hand to quickly and easily remove pet stains from carpet? We recommend at least these two pet cleaning products:
  • Enzymatic Pet Stain & Odor Eliminator: This enzyme cleaner works to rid your carpet of the underlying smells of urine and feces so that your pup won’t remark in the same areas repeatedly.
  • Pro Stain & Odor Eliminator: This oxygen action cleaner is a great go-to product to quickly clean colored stains like dirt, food, and more.

Deep Cleaning Carpets

Since you’ve spent the last few months spraying away carpet stains from a pandemic puppy, it’s probably time to do a deep carpet cleaning. Between pet dander and puppy accidents, deep carpet cleaning is really the trick to getting rid of pet odor in your house and will aid in your efforts to remove pet stains from carpeting.

Best Carpet Cleaner for Pets

Now that we have you excited to clean your carpets, let us introduce you to the Pawsitively Clean carpet cleaning rental machine! Here are some machine highlights:
  • Our pet carpet cleaner is a professional-grade carpet cleaning machine
  • It is available starting at only $39.99 for 24 hours
  • Powerful scrubbing action from two extra-large rotating DirtLifter™ brushes cleans deep on both the forward and backwards passes
  • Heavy-duty suction works hard to lift and extract dirt, pet odors, and pet stains from carpet and upholstery
  • High-quality materials were used to create an anti-tip design
  • Clean & dirty water are separated by our two-tank system to make clean up easy

Find a Carpet Cleaner Rental Near me

Find a Pawsitively Clean carpet cleaner rental location near you! Check out our location finder and type in your zip code to find the nearest store. There are thousands of locations around the country.   
At the end of the day, you still have the cutest pandemic puppy on the block. Don’t let a few puppy accidents come between you and your furry best friend. Accidents happen – we can help fix them! 
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