Hair Ball Stains

Posted on 12/15/2016 by BISSELL
Categories: Cleaning Pet Messes
Got Hair Ball Stains? BISSELL Pawsitively Clean recommends these four steps for cleaning up hair balls.

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1. Blot up liquids with an absorbent cloth or paper towels. White materials are recommended because certain dyes may bleed and make the stain worse. Remember not to press down hard on the area when blotting up messes because it can drive the liquid further down into the carpeting and pad.
2. Pick up solids with a spoon, spatula or create a scraper by cutting a paper plate in half and use the two straight edges to scoop underneath the mess.  Grabbing the mess with a paper towel can push the stain and solids further into the carpeting.
3. After the mess is removed, apply cleaner to the stained and surrounding area. Spray in circular pattern, completely covering stain and surrounding area.  Allow cleaner to work for 5-10 minutes. The oxygen-active system will attack the color bodies which stain fibers and penetrate deep below carpet fibers, removing even old stains.
4. Using a cloth or towel, gently work the formula into the area using light strokes from the edges of the stain to the center; when your cloth reaches the center of the stain, lightly pinch the area in an upward motion to lift the stain out. Do not scrub the stain.

For more, watch our video about the right and wrong way to clean pet messes
Things to Remember
  •  Before using any spot removal solutions or formulas test a small, hidden area for colorfastness and examine when dry. If color is affected, do not use. For upholstery, look for manufacturer's cleanability code tag. Use on fabric coded "WS" or "W". If coded "X" or "S", do not use. Not recommended for use on velvet, silk, vinyl or leather upholstery.
  • To achieve removal of vomit stains and related odors, it is important to address these types of problems as quickly as possible. Do not use warm or hot water to try to clean this mess as it may set the stain.
  • What your pet eats and drinks, the length of time the area has been soiled, the carpet construction and type, and other factors greatly affect how well the soil or stains can be removed.
  • You should always use cleaners according to labeled product instructions.
  • Keep children and pets off until dry and vacuumed.
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