This vs. That: How Does The Pawsitively Clean® Carpet Cleaning Machine Stack Up

Pawsivitley clean carpet cleaning rental machine vs competitor

It's easy for us to just tell you how great the Pawsitively Clean® Carpet Cleaning Machine is, but that's no fun! We'd much rather show you, when you compare Pawsitively Clean to the leading competitor, it becomes clear just what sets us apart.

But before you take the leap, check out just some of the reasons why you should rent the Pawsitively Clean machine versus the competitor.

By choosing Pawsitively Clean you will GET:

  • Easy to remove water tanks with a measuring cap
  • The ability to clean forward and backward
  • A handle that adjusts to any height
  • A carpet cleaner that uses less water
  • EPA Design for the Environment Certified Cleaning Formulas
  • A machine that quickly dries your carpets

By choosing the competitor you may GET:

  • A dirty water tank that is attached to the machine
  • A machine that cleans only in the pull direction
  • A handle with no height adjustment
  • A machine that might need defoamer
  • No sustainable certification

So who is the winner of This vs. That? It’s clear with a Pawsitively Clean® Rental Machine you get much more than a deep clean. You get peace of mind, ease-of-use and quality.

Ready to test the Pawsitively Clean® Carpet Cleaner for yourself? Find out where you can rent a Pawsitively Clean® Rental Machine near you.