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full size deep cleaning system

12 cleaning rows and deep reach pet tool combine to remove deep down pet messes

 Having a pet adds another dimension of mess to your home. Whether it's muddy paws or horrific accidents, you can combat them all with this complete deep cleaning system. Features built-in water heater and a dozen rows of down and dirty DirtLifter® Powerbrushes. Start deep cleaning pet stains in your home. The zowie® innovative deep reach pet tool cleans carpet from the bottom up!

The zowie™ deep cleaning system features:

  • ProHeat 2x® technology that heats water up to 25 degrees hotter for maximum cleaning
  • 12 rows of powerful brushes
  • Deep Reach™ pet tool
  • 33-ft. power cord
  • 64-oz. full-size machine formula

Start deep cleaning pet stains the easy way. Find out where you can purchase the zowie® full-size cleaning system.

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