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SpotClean Pet® Plus Portable Spot Cleaner

Yikes!® Portable Spot Cleaner

the deep cleaner that removes 
even the grossest stains, of any kind

That wasn’t mashed potatoes you just stepped in, so you need powerful cleaning – fast! After you get the “goo” off your foot and your carpet, the yikes! portable deep cleaner and pet stain carpet cleaner is here to save the day. Or at least save your carpet. The psychological trauma, well that’s another story.

SpotClean Pet® Plus Portable Spot Cleaner

  • Continuously heats water for maximum cleaning
  • Strong spray & suction removes even the grossest stains
  • Stores ready to use so clean up is quick & easy
  • Extra Tools - to clean all types and sizes of pet messes
    • deep reach pet tool
    • tough stain brush
    • spraying crevice tool

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